Rosgrade - "knocking machine"


Rosgrade is certified to grade according to the EN-14081 rules, CE- marking of strength graded wood.

This is the machine of your choice to grade qualities such as C16, C24, TR-26 etc. Rosgrade is measuring the vibration/frequency of the induced by a hammer stroke to the board end.


The laser based measure instrument is reading the parameters needed for the grading with highest accuracy. Rosgrade reaches a repeatability of 99% or better. Evaluations in Swedish certification agency RiSE laboratories confirms the precision of Rosgrade.


Rosgrade can compensate for moisture automatically. This leads to a higher yield without disturbing the production with manual moisture controls.


Production statistics is stored in a database. Reports extracted from this database fulfills the demands on documentation set by the standard EN - 14081.


Roséns can provide a complete delivery of Rosgrade, including mounts and adaptions needed for the specific installation.


Watch Rosgrade in action in the video below.

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